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Pro Member Roles and Permissions

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
Role required:
There are 6 Pro Member roles with  associated permissions you can assign to users or groups.

 Pro Members are a user type that can contribute to content.

Roles overview

  • Role availability
  • Roles and Page Privacy
    • Control Panel role only applies to pages set as Public
    • Assign roles at the page level for pages set to Semi-Public, Semi-Private, or Private
    • Admin Role assigned in Control Panel cannot have content restrictions at the page level
    • Admin role assigned on a page level cannot access Control Panel or Dashboard functions

Pro Member roles

  1. None
    • Rarely used Control Panel role for users who can log in but not view any content by default
    • Assign page-level role of Viewer or higher to be able to view content
  2. Viewer
    • Access content
  3. Draft Contributor
  4. Author
    • Publish content
  5. Editor
    • Manage content permissions for others and delete pages
  6. Admin
    • Full control over site administration if assigned in Control Panel
    • Full control over content if assigned on page or section

Permissions for each Role

Content functions

Content functions impact permissions for users to be able to view, find (via MindTouch search and navigation), and edit (includes create) content.

None, Viewer, Draft Contributor, Author, Editor, and Admin roles can:

  • Sign in

Viewer, Draft Contributor, Author, Editor, and Admin roles can:

  • View live pages
  • Find pages
  • Subscribe to pages
  • Rate articles
  • Provide feedback

Draft Contributor, Author, Editor, and Admin roles can:

  • View drafts and live pages
  • Create drafts
  • Edit drafts
  • Delete drafts
  • See Revision History
  • Revert Draft pages
  • Tag Draft pages

Author, Editor, and Admin roles can:

  • Publish drafts
  • Create live pages
  • Edit live pages
  • Copy pages
  • Move pages
  • Revert Live pages
  • Tag Live pages

Editor and Admin roles can:

  • Unpublish pages
  • Delete pages
  • Restrict Page Access

Control Panel functions

Only Admin role can access Control Panel.

Dashboard functions

For Dashboard functions, appropriate role must be assigned as a Control Panel role. Admin role can access all Dashboard functions. Draft Contributor, Author, and Editor roles can access some Dashboard functions.

Viewer, Draft Contributor, Author, Editor, and Admin roles can access:

  • Contribution Reports > User Contributions
  • Content Tools > Draft Manager
  • Content Tools > Link Manager
  • Content Tools > Page Classification Manager
  • Site Reports > Site History
  • Site Reports > User Activity (Non-Admins can only see personal activity)
  • Site Administration > XML Sitemap
  • Site Administration > Template directory (Draft Contributor can view only)
  • Site Administration > Global variables (Draft Contributor can view only)

Author, Editor, and Admin roles can access:

  • Site Reports > User Activity (Editor and Author can only see personal activity)
  • Content Tools > Path Manager

Admin role can access:

  • Contribution Reports > Capture Manager
  • Site Reports > Help Request Usage
  • Site Reports > Search Terms and Queries
  • Site Reports > Site Activity
  • Site Reports > Community Scoring
  • Site Reports > Content Aging
  • Site Reports > Search Insights
  • Site Reports > Site Structure Analysis
  • Content Tools > Content ID Manager
  • Integrations > Single Sign On Configuration
  • Integrations > API Token Management
  • Integrations > Touchpoints Management
  • Site Administration > Editor configuration
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