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Add and configure users

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
Role required:
Add and configure new users for your site to control who can modify which content. Add users to groups for easier permission management.

If you are authenticating via SAML SSO, read how to add users through your IdP.

Add users to your site

To add new users to your site and assign them to specific contributing groups, perform the following steps:

  1. On the MindTouch toolbar, navigate to Site tools > Control panel.
  2. In the control panel, under Users & Groups, select Users.
  3. Under Users & Groups, click Add New User.
  4. Configure your new user:
    • Username. Choose a unique username. Do not include spaces in your usernames or the search function may not work properly.
    • Display Name. Shown on MindTouch pages such as in the Last updated byline.

For added protection, we recommend not using your email address for username/display name. 

  • Email. Address to be used for automatic correspondence and notifications.
  • Password. Leave blank if you prefer the user be sent a system-generated password.
  1. Assign either the Community Member or Pro Member role.

    Community members cannot contribute to your documentation and cannot be assigned a pro member role. If you are adding the user as a Pro Member, choose the Pro Member role from the drop-down menu. Choose Viewer to limit overall permissions and assign to groups for increased permissions where needed.
    Screenshot of the control panel user configuration dialog displaying pro member seat selected
  2. Add the user to the group(s) that will be granted privileges in the public-facing sections the user is to contribute to.
  3. Click Add User to save.

After you add a new user, the user will receive a confirmation email containing a link to your site with access details. Remind the user to sign in to MindTouch and to reset their password by selecting the "forgot password" option at login. 

User email addresses are used for all communications from your MindTouch site, so also remind users to allowlist your site (i.e. to remove your site from any spam filters) to ensure they receive important site information.

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