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Create new groups (MT4)

MindTouch gives you the ability to create groups within your workspace, this comes in handy when you need to restrict permissions or provide access to a set of users.


Setting up a group and adding users takes just a few steps. Let's get started.

Creating new groups

From the Navigation Bar, click on groups and choose the Add Group button.

In Add Group you can create one group or multiple groups as needed.
1. Enter group names separted by a comma or a linebreak
2. Assign the level of contribution for the group or groups
3. Click Add Groups


Note*: adding an "&" ampersand character within a Group title is not supported at this time.


Once you've clicked "Add Groups" your screen will refresh and show you the new groups listed.  From here you will also be able to add users and manage your groups.


Working with Group Roles

When applying roles for a group, you'll need to understand how those roles apply to an existing user's type and role. Be sure to read our documentation on understanding user types in MindTouch which outlines how groups are affected by roles.

What's Next

Now that we have covered the steps to create and define roles for your groups, you're ready to manage your groups.

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