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Template Directory Admin Guidelines

MindTouch leverages out-of-box templates to enable many site functions and you can create custom templates.

The Template Directory contains all templates used throughout your MindTouch site.

Templates under /Template:MindTouch hierarchy, except for New Page Templates under the/Template:MindTouch/IDF3/Pages section, are overwritten weekly.

Any changes you make to templates under /Template:MindTouch that are not within /Template:MindTouch/IDF3/Pages are not supported and may break site functionality.

How to use or reference out-of-box templates

Optional parameters and use cases for individual templates may vary from one template to another.

Templates in MindTouch may be referenced in other templates, for example: template('MindTouch/IDF3/Views/Guide').

To reference a template, include the exact template name within the template() call wrapped in double quotes in a Dekiscript field. The referenced template name can be formated as template:Custom/template_URL or Custom/template_URL.

Avoid direct references to out-of-box MindTouch templates to prevent over-written changes from breaking custom functionality. The best way to reference out-of-box MindTouch templates for use in other templates is to copy the desired template into the Custom hierarchy of the Template Directory and reference the copy instead of the original out-of-box version.

MindTouch Support is not responsible to customize or debug custom templates even if copied from an out-of-box MindTouch template.

Template management tips

  • For ease of template management, create a blank template (for example, Template:<Your Company Name>) under which to create your template groups and templates.
  • To create new templates with similar organization, elements or template type, select an existing similar template and make a copy to modify instead of creating a new template.
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