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HelpRequest in MindTouch

A HelpRequest is a measure of interaction with your MindTouch site.

Specifically, a HelpRequest is an HTTP(s) request that is either a page view, a search query, or a PDF generation. Each of these actions constitutes a unique unit of help delivered to a user, either within your MindTouch site or via Touchpoints.

For some site configurations, API calls for content, search querries, or PDFs may also count as a HelpRequest. Contact your Customer Success Manager for details about your configuration.

HelpRequest usage

Use the HelpRequest Usage report to see historical and projected HelpRequest usage.

Page views

MindTouch tracks main content pages. Templates, special, and user pages do not count.


While a search counts, scrolling or viewing subsequent pages on the search results page does not count.


MindTouch does not track file requests except for PDF-generated views.

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