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Editor configuration

Configure which tools you want to appear within the MindTouch Editor. Any Editor configuration changes apply to all users.

Modify Editor Configuration

  1. Navigate to Site Tools > Dashboard > Customization > Editor Configuration.
  2. Select or deselect the checkboxes for individual Editor tools.
  3. Click Reset to default to re-select all checkboxes.
  4. Click Save. 

Save and refresh the Editor Configuration page for the Toolbar Preview to show changes to both toolbar buttons and drop-down menus.

Modifications will appear for all users the next time they refresh and open a page in Edit Mode.

Editor Configuration options

The Editor Configuration page is divided into three categories: Format, Style, and Elements.


Alignment, Indent, Font, Size, Color, Headings, Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Subscript, Superscript, Code, Plain text, Remove format



None, <pre> Format, Blockquote, Comment, Conditional Text, DekiScript, JavaScript, CSS



Bulleted list, Numbered list, Definition list, Horizontal line, Page break, Special character, Content reuse, Path, Video, Templates, Link, Anchor, Image, Table


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