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Dashboard tools

To access the Dashboard, navigate to Site tools > Dashboard from the MindTouch toolbar.

Dashboard tools are divided into sections:

  • Reporting: HelpRequest usage, Search terms and queries, Search insights, Site activity, Custom reports, Site history, User activity, User contributions.
  • Content Management: Content ID manager, Global variables, Page classification manager, Path manager, Site structure analysis, Link manager, Template directory.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Community scoring, Content aging, XML Sitemap.
  • Integrations: Touchpoints management, API token management.
  • Branding: Header template, Footer template, Login template, Pro member welcome template, Community member welcome template, 404 page not found template, Pro member blank page template, Community member blank page template.
  • Customization: Editor configuration.

Some Dashboard tools require the Admin role to view.

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