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Configuring your MindTouch domain to gain online prominence

This best practice article outlines how to configure your MindTouch domain (i.e. your hostname or URL) to attract more visitors to your product and help site.

Why should I set up a custom domain?

Set up your domain as outlined in this article and reap these benefits:

  • Increased traffic to your site
  • Prominent brand visibility
  • Enhanced product adoption
  • Increased revenue

How to set up your MindTouch domain

When you first receive your MindTouch site, you were provided with a complimentary domain using the domain. This domain is only intended for temporary use while you set up your site. Follow the steps outlined in this section to set up your MindTouch domain and ensure you are set up for success.

Step 1: Verify your site is private

To avoid search engines crawling your site and making your content prematurely available to the public, verify your site is private

Step 2: Choose your domain

MindTouch requires the use of a subdomain, i.e. if your company website is, your MindTouch domain might look something like or

When choosing your subdomain, keep the following in mind:

  • Your MindTouch site is an extension of your brand. Choose your subdomain to reflect the feel of your brand.
  • Make your subdomain memorable. Help users recall the name of your MindTouch site by making it easy to remember (and share!). This also means keeping it short, avoiding special characters or hyphens, and making sure users can easily pronounce it.
  • Include an overarching keyword in your subdomain, but only (!) if it makes sense (i.e. if you don’t have to force it). If you choose to include a keyword, make sure to cater to your users, not search engines.

Step 3: Learn more about custom domain configurations

Once you have decided on your custom domain, read our configuration documentation and learn about certificate requirements, how to host multiple domains and when your custom domain becomes effective.

Step 4: Contact MindTouch Support

Contact the MindTouch Support team to help you set up your custom domain.

Step 5: Connect your domain to your organization

Connecting your business/organization to your help center through Google structured data is important to ensure that your company gets an SEO boost from the vast amount of content your help center provides. Learn how to optimize for Google.

Step 6: Make your site public (if ready to launch!)

Once you are ready to launch (and only then!) make your site public.

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