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About site privacy

Privacy settings affect your user's documentation experience in MindTouch.

Site privacy in MindTouch

Private NOT recommended. Access is restricted to those with a login. A private site has no online visibility. Search engines cannot find, index or list content.
Public Recommended. Anyone can find and see your content, but you can optionally privatize sections, pages or paragraphs to control access. A public site has high online visibility. Search engines can find, index and list content.

Why should I have a public site?

Deciding on the right visibility for your MindTouch site is the most important step you can take to prepare for your site launch. Whether your product documentation is publicly available or not can significantly impact your business objectives, such as: 

  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Sales acceleration
  • Ticket deflection

User and business impact

Visibility User access Google access Online visibility Marketing 
Public Users do not have to log in; sections, pages, or paragraphs can be privatized to restrict public access Search engines (such as Google) can see site, index site, and list content of site Anyone performing a search can find public content through a Google search Authoritative content is favored by Google and brand visibility is high; online product information is controlled by you; opportunity to attract new customers Prospective customers can find and access product information via Google search and validate or research product; opportunity to generate new qualified leads; readily available information speeds up sales Users can find and access self-service help via Google; demands low effort from users; able to easily find answers users have no need to contact support
Private Users must log in; only logged in users can view content; all sections are private Search engines (such as Google) cannot see site, index site, or list content of site None Brand does not have online visibility and so misses out on opportunities to build brand awareness; online product information is controlled by outside parties; no opportunity to attract new customers Prospective customers cannot find product information via Google search to validate or research product; no opportunity to generate new qualified leads Users can only self-serve once logged in; demands high effort from users; unable to find answers, users will contact support

Configuring your site visibility

See our article on how to configure your site visibility for detailed steps.

What's next?

To control access to sections of your public site, learn about creating private sections.

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