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Site Settings

Site Settings
The Mindtouch control panel and dashboard contain site options that will need to be configured while setting up your MindTouch site.


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  • Configuration settingsConfiguration settings are universal controls for your MindTouch site, accessed through the Control Panel.
  • Custom domainThe MindTouch platform is a hosted solution that can be configured to access through a custom domain that matches your other web properties.
  • Dashboard tool permissionsParticular minimum roles are required for different Dashboard tools.
  • Editor autosave intervalBy default, the MindTouch editor autosaves every 25 seconds, but it can be modified.
  • Editor configurationConfigure which tools you want to appear within the MindTouch Editor. Any Editor configuration changes apply to all users.
  • HelpRequest in MindTouchA HelpRequest is a measure of interaction with your MindTouch site.
  • Inactivity TimeoutBy default, your MindTouch site is configured to terminate a user login session after 2 days of inactivity.
  • Make your site privateConfigure your MindTouch site as private if you do not want search engines to index your content or users to find your content via online searches.
  • Make your site publicConfigure your MindTouch site as a public site so that users can find your content via search engines.
  • Editor performance for complex contentConfigure the MindTouch Editor for pages with a large number (100+) of widgets (comments, paths, etc) or hundreds of words that trigger the spell checker.
  • Personalized launch experienceMindTouch experts will work with you to launch your new MindTouch site.
  • Site and page permissionsSite and page permissions inherit roles within MindTouch that applies to users, groups, and page permissions.
  • Site integration settingsConfigure your integration settings via the MindTouch control panel.
  • Site privacySite Privacy is the highest level of who can access your MindTouch site and how.
  • Social Share ButtonsMindTouch sites include optional social share buttons for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or Twitter to let users share your content on social networks.
  • Subdomain vs. subdirectorySubdirectories do not have any SEO advantage over subdomains. Subdomains have advantages for ease of maintenance and speed of implementation.
  • Top Level NavigationTop Level Navigation, if enabled, appears above the MindTouch Toolbar to show the top level Categories or Guides on your site.


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