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Intelligent Denial of Service (DoS) Protection

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
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Security attacks are prevalent across all industries and web properties, with new records being set year over year for the scale and number of attacks, everyone is at risk.

Why Protect Your Site?

When your site is targeted for a Denial of Service (DoS) attack, it can provide a degraded experience to your customers, or block them out entirely -- providing a negative customer or employee self-service experience leading to:

  • Increased calls into your support team(s)
  • Loss of reputation
  • Increased costs to your organization

What is Denial of Service?

Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are evolving; they are growing in sophistication, force, and target with new records being set year on year for both numbers and size of these attacks, 400,000 DoS attacks are recorded every month worldwide. 

Top targets in 2019 including Telecommunications, Software Publishers, and eCommerce.

When a DoS attack is successful there is an increase in unnecessary costs on infrastructure and IT/security staff having to cope with the traffic. More importantly, it has negative effects on your customers’ experience on your web properties, slowing load times often to the point of being deemed non-responsive (a load time greater than 3 seconds is deemed broken via industry standards).

Types of Denial of Service

  • DNS Flood: By disrupting DNS resolution, a DNS flood attack will cause a website, API, or web application to perform poorly or become completely unavailable
  • UDP Amplification (Layer 3 & 4): An attacker leverages the functionality of open DNS or NTP resolvers to overwhelm a target server or network with amplified request traffic, where the payload size is greater than the size of the originating request
  • HTTP Flood (Layer 7): HTTP flood attacks generate high volumes of HTTP, GET, or POST requests from multiple sources, targeting the application layer, causing service degradation or unavailability

Intelligent DoS Protection

MindTouch monitors traffic to your MindTouch site, Touchpoints, and MindTouch API integrations and actively blocks malicious attempts to disrupt or take down your MindTouch instance while allowing access to site administrators, authors, and consumers, allowing you to continue to provide a best-in-class self- service experience. During an attack, our service automatically reacts and mitigates malicious attempts to disrupt the experience across. Our team of experts will be on call and in tandem to ensure site protection and keep your instance up and available.


  • 24x7 monitoring of traffic to MindTouch service: MindTouch site(s), Touchpoints, and MindTouch API
  • Our automated system responds when malicious attempts to interrupt the service first occurs
  • MindTouch and Amazon (AWS) Expert teams protect the service during an attack to keep it available
  • MindTouch provides customer notifications while an attack is mitigated, detailing the incident and confirming that it has been resolved

To implement Intelligent DoS Protection, contact your Customer Success Manager.

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