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October 2021 Releases

October Updates

Release 2021-10-07


OAuth Integrations

OAuth integrations can now use client-side JavaScript to make requests to API endpoints cross site. Users can use an access token server-side and pass it to a client-side JavaScript frontend that can access the API directly. More information can be found in our article: Use an OAuth API Token With an Integration.


Link Dialog

Linking to a Path in the Link Dialog will now save, whether you use the full domain portion of the URL or not.

Release 2021-10-14



PDFs with Chinese characters will now render correctly in the search result's summary.


When using an iOS tablet and viewing search results, the magnifying glass in the search input will appear at the appropriate size.

Release 2021-10-21

This release is complete. The Release was deployed to all MindTouch sites as of 5:27PM Pacific Time.

Today’s release included under the hood changes for product maintenance and preparation for upcoming features.

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