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March 2019 Releases

Release 2019-03-07


Link Manager
Fixed an issue where the Link Manager search would not filter pages.

Feedback Submission
Fixed an issue where feedback could not be submitted more than once unless the page was refreshed.

Page Title
Fixed an issue where editing the page title would not update in the edit view unless the page was refreshed.

Release 2019-03-14


Search Engine Maintenance (Release 2019-03-14)
To ensure quality in MindTouch search results, the search engine is being upgraded to the latest supported version. Based on our test results, we do not expect significant changes to the search results. Sites will be gradually moved from using the current search engine to the upgraded version in the weeks following Release 2019-03-14.


Fixed an issue when creating a link in the editor, pasting a URL into the Link to input would cause the title HTML attribute to be incorrect. 



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