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January 2019 Releases

Release 2019-01-03

No release due to holiday.

Release 2019-01-10


Content Reuse
Fixed an issue where apostrophes in the page URL would cause an error.

Fixed an issue where the Search in Place Touchpoint, MindTouch for Salesforce, and MindTouch for Zendesk would not return search results in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.

Release 2019-01-17


There were no defect fixes this week.

Release 2019-01-24


F1 Contextual Help Removal
Any F1 Contextual Help integrations that have been built using the domain will no longer load. This does not affect Contextual Help Touchpoint integrations.


Search Report
Fixed an issue where an error message would appear for admin users in /Special:SearchReport.

F​​​ixed multiple link tooltips in the Dashboard.

Custom Help Link
Fixed an issue where the Custom Help Link button would not use the configured URL. This issue was limited to MindTouch 4 (MT4).

Restrict Access Icon
Fixed an issue where the Restrict Access icon would not display the correct image. This issue was limited to MindTouch 4 (MT4).

Release 2019-01-31


Links to Drafts
Clicking a link to a draft that has been published will no longer create a new draft. 


Contextual Help
Fixed an issue where the Contextual Help Window would create a second window. This issue was limited to Microsoft Edge.

Search by Path
Fixed an issue where search would not filter results by path. This issue was limited to Microsoft Edge.


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