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Product release 2018-11-08


Conditional Content
Fixed an issue where wrapping headers in conditional content would cause extraneous content to be included during the following authoring functions:

  • Content Reuse: This resolved an issue with extraneous content being included when reusing sections that had conditional content
  • Section Editing: Conditional content is now included when editing the section above it
  • Section Editing: Headings within conditional content cannot be edited individually and can be modified by editing the section above

Classification Guide Tabs
Fixed an issue where renaming the Classification Tab label would reset the classification selected

Anchor Links
Fixed an issue where editing an anchor link multiple times would remove the hash parameters (for example: #page=2)

Link Picker for Attachments
Fixed an issue where creating a link to an attachment and modifying the Link To location would result in incorrect display text

Known Issues

Section Editing
There is a known issue where Editor Comments in a page cause Section Editing to include the rest of the page below the comment in Edit mode

Success Center Tip of the Week

Section Editing is an option to edit a particular section of a page. A Classification Guide Tab is one of the five options when using tabbed Guide Listing Display

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