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MindTouch Intelligent Search with Conditional Content Support (announced 2021-01-21, expected to release 2021-01-28)

Providing a tailored search experience for your customers and support agents and a faster path to successful outcomes, MindTouch's search algorithm now includes conditional content by user type or group. All conditional content-driven internal notes or customer-specific information can be requested and matched through every MindTouch-powered search experience:


MindTouch's search algorithm does not support conditional content in some custom DekiScript statements, such as those that provide conditional content for multiple groups. In order for a conditional content block to be compatible with the search algorithm, it must:

  • Only make one type of match, either group(s) or user type
    • Example group(s) match: user.groups['foo']
    • Example user type match: user.seated
  • Not use AND or NOT operators (only OR is allowed)
    • ✔️ user.groups['foo'] || user.groups['bar']
    • ❌ user.groups['foo'] && user.groups['bar']
    • ❌ !user.groups['foo']
  • Not be a nested block (conditional content inside conditional content)

In order to assist knowledge managers and authors in locating any search-incompatible conditional content, MindTouch is providing some new tools. Pro members (knowledge managers, authors) will receive visual indicators on pages and in-editor when conditional content is search-incompatible:

conditional content tools.png

The visual indicator at the bottom of the page will link to a downloadable report that identifies all conditional content on a site and whether or not content is compatible with MindTouch's search algorithm.

Conditional Content Downloadable Report (announced 2021-01-21, expected to release 2021-01-28)

The downloadable report is in CSV format and will be available in the dashboard to site administrators. The report will include all conditional content locations, conditional content matching statements, and whether or not the conditional content is search-compatible.

Release 2021-01-21

This release is complete. The Release was deployed to all MindTouch sites as of 09:56 AM Pacific Time.


Syntax Highlighter

The view source and print icons are now appearing when hovering over formatted <pre> code.



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