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MindTouch Toolbar

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
Functions in the MindTouch Toolbar vary depending on where you are within your site.

Functions that appear on most pages

  • Search field
  • Previous page arrow (when applicable)
  • Site tools menu - click to access Dashboard or Control panel
  • User menu - click to access My contributions, My preferences, My subscriptions, or Sign out.

Community sign in function

MindTouch sites have a configuration option to allow Community Members to register for an account.


Additional functions for content pages


  • Edit - opens the Create draft dialog with option to Edit live.
  • New - opens the Add new page dialog
  • Options - click to access page management options
    • Revision history
    • Restrict access
    • Move, Copy, Delete
    • Export and Import here (will not appear for newer sites deployed with Guided Content Framework)
    • Unpublish page


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