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Navigation elements

Access relevant content through dynamic navigation elements, which include upper navigation, content page navigation, lower navigation, and MindTouch Paths.

Review content page elements for a breakdown of which navigation elements appear for particular Article Types.

Upper navigation

  • Top Level Navigation (above MindTouch Toolbar)
  • Navigation Bar (below MindTouch Toolbar)
    • Drop-Down Hierarchy Menu
    • Breadcrumbs


Content page navigation

  • Category and Guide pages: As part of the MindTouch Guided Content Framework, Category and Guide pages include default content navigation elements. Category pages can be configured to have a Simple or Detailed layout and Guide pages can be configured to Single or Tabbed view, with multiple options for how to display articles on Guide Tabs.
  • Table of Contents: The Table of Contents (TOC) is an automatically generated list of all headings (H1, H2, H3, etc.) on an individual MindTouch page. The TOC appears in default Topic, How-To, and Reference page templates.
  • Paths: Arrange a custom group of content pages into a particular order with guided sequential navigation. Display MindTouch Paths as embedded links, widgets, or in Guide Tabs.

Lower navigation

  • Page Footer Navigation (Back to top, Previous | Next Page).
  • Recommended Articles


Paths navigation

MindTouch Paths include sequential navigation elements to guide users through the pages within a Path:

  • Path Title
  • Step Indicator
  • Page Title and Step Counter
  • Previous | Next Page

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