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Instant Translation

Instant Translation provides instant access to knowledge in a user's preferred language.


Instant Translation enables customers to extend their global reach by delivering knowledge in a user's first language. With over 70 languages, Instant Translation makes knowledge available immediately, anywhere.

Instant Translation improves the user experience for markets where a dedicated translation process is not practical. With Instant Translation, there is no need to identify what content to translate, setup a Translation Management System, or plan a process for keeping it all up to date. It simply works with your existing knowledge investment without additional effort.

Instant Translation uses neural machine translation to deliver fast and high-quality translations. Neural machine translation is a form of language translation automation that uses deep learning models to deliver more accurate and more natural sounding translation than traditional statistical and rule-based translation algorithms.

Finally, Instant Translation tracks and reports which translations are most commonly requested, providing essential insights for a dedicated translation site, if the need should arise. 


  • Increase CSAT scores by providing a self-service experience in the consumer's first language.
  • Increase ROI by extending knowledge to new markets.
  • Reach audiences more cost-effectively than with traditional translation tools and vendors.
  • Make data-driven decisions based on real-time insights into where and by whom knowledge is needed.
  • Available in over 70 languages*

* Right to Left (RTL) languages will not be available if the source language is LTR and vice-versa. 

User Experience

Instant Translation Image 1.png

For Anonymous Users and Community Members

A new user interface control appears when Instant Translation is enabled. The user can then select their first language from the list of enabled languages. The list of available languages depends on the user type. For example, an anonymous user may see a different list of languages than a Pro Member.

The page is automatically refreshed once the user selects their preferred language. As the user navigates the content of the site, pages are automatically loaded in the selected language.

For Pro Members

When Instant Translation is used on a page that is editable, the page becomes read-only and edit controls are disabled. Reverting back to the default language re-enables the edit controls for users with edit privileges.

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