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What version of MindTouch am I using?

Determine which version of MindTouch you are using and its support status.

Current version of MindTouch

The current major release, called MindTouch (formerly called MindTouch Responsive), was released in June 2015 and continuously evolves through weekly releases and new feature launches.

Also known as SAP Knowledge Central by MindTouch (SAP clients)

Supported legacy versions

  • MindTouch 4 (MT4)

Earlier versions of MindTouch are deprecated and no longer supported. Upgrade to the latest MindTouch experience!

Determine your version

  1. As an Administrator, navigate to Site Tools or Tools > Control Panel.
  2. The Product Info panel will indicate which version you have:
    • You are running MindTouch
    • You are running MindTouch 4 (MT4) - legacy version

Visual indicators

If you do not have access to the Control Panel, the default user interface for each major releases has unique characteristics. 

Many MindTouch customers implement custom branding that may modify the default characteristics listed.

MindTouch (formerly MindTouch Responsive)

  • Has the latest MindTouch toolbar
  • Related articles are at the bottom of your pages
  • The responsive user interface changes as you change the width of your browser

MindTouch 4 (MT4)

  • Related articles appear in the right-hand panel
  • Has comments and/or attachments tabs

Release dates and support status

Version Release date Support Status

MindTouch (formerly MindTouch Responsive)

June 2015 Supported
SAP Knowledge Central by MindTouch May 2014 Supported
MindTouch 4 (MT4) March 2013 Supported
MindTouch TCS 2010

Not supported

MindTouch Platform 2008 Not supported
MindTouch Core 2006
Not supported
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