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Body classes

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
Role required:


Class Description
elm-user-anonymous Anonymous Users
elm-user-community Community Members
elm-user-pro-member Pro Members

*Putting code directing in Control Panel > Custom Site CSS in it's individual blocks (Anonymous CSS, etc), will also achieve the same goal, but do not add this class AND throw it in any block but "All Roles CSS" or directly on a page as this behind the scenes will read as ex. .elm-user-anonymous .elm-user-anonymous div li a { ... } and break as there only exists one elm-user-anonymous.

Page Type

Class Description
columbia-page-home Home Page
columbia-page-main Every page under Home Page
columbia-page-special All Special Pages
columbia-page-template Every page under Template Home Page
columbia-page-template-home Template Home Page

Page Article Type

Class Description
columbia-article-howto How-To
columbia-article-reference Reference
columbia-article-topic Topic
columbia-article-topic-category Category
columbia-article-topic-feature Feature (Deprecated for new sites)
columbia-article-topic-guide Guide
columbia-article-topic-methodology Methodology (Deprecated for new sites)
columbia-article-topic-portfolio Portfolio (Deprecated for new sites)
columbia-article-topic-technology Technology (Deprecated for new sites)

Page State

Class Description
columbia-draft Draft Page
columbia-live Live Page Edit Mode on/as Draft Page Edit Mode on/as Live Page

Special Pages

Class Description
columbia-special-agingreport Aging Report
columbia-special-classificationmanager Classification Manager
columbia-special-contentid Content ID
columbia-special-dashboard Dashboard
columbia-special-draftmanager Draft Manager
columbia-special-firstloginwelcome First Login Welcome
columbia-special-pagerestrictions Restrict Access
columbia-special-pathmanager Path Manager
columbia-special-pathrevisionhistory Path Version History
columbia-special-popularpages Popular Pages
columbia-special-preferences Preferences
columbia-special-printbook Print Book (MT4 & TCS only)
columbia-special-reports Reports Dashboard
columbia-special-revisionhistory Revision History
columbia-special-search Search
columbia-special-searchreport Search Report
columbia-special-siteanalysis Site Analysis
columbia-special-siteanalysis/linkmanager Link Manager
columbia-special-siteanalysis/structure Structure Analysis
columbia-special-sitehistory Site History
columbia-special-siteactivityreport Site Activity Report
columbia-special-sitequalityreport Site Quality Report
columbia-special-siteusagereport Site Usag Report
columbia-special-subscriptions Subscription Manager
columbia-special-usercontributions User Contributions
columbia-special-userlogin User Login Page
columbia-special-userviewandsearchactivity User View and Search Activity

... And a handful more.


Class Description
columbia-browser-chrome Google Chrome
columbia-browser-edge Edge
columbia-browser-firefox Mozilla Firefox
columbia-browser-iemobile Internet Explorer (Mobile)
columbia-browser-msie9 Internet Explorer 9
columbia-browser-msie10 Internet Explorer 10
columbia-browser-msie11 Internet Explorer 11
columbia-browser-safari Safari


Class Description
columbia-platform-android Android Device
columbia-platform-ipad IPad Device
columbia-platform-iphone IPhone Device
columbia-platform-macintosh Macintosh Device
columbia-platform-windows Windows Device


Class Description
columbia-lang-ar-sa Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
columbia-lang-ca-es Catalonian (Spain)
columbia-lang-cs-cz Czech (Czech Republic)
columbia-lang-da-dk Danish (Denmark)
columbia-lang-de-de German (Germany)
columbia-lang-en-us English (United States)
columbia-lang-es-es Spanish (Spain)
columbia-lang-fi-fi Finnish (Finland)
columbia-lang-fr-fr French (France)
columbia-lang-it-it Italian (Italy)
columbia-lang-ja-jp Japanese (Japan)
columbia-lang-ko-kr Korean (South Korea)
columbia-lang-nb-no Norwegian Bokmål (Norway)
columbia-lang-nl-nl Dutch (The Netherlands)
columbia-lang-pl-pl Polish (Poland)
columbia-lang-pt-br Portuguese (Brazil)
columbia-lang-ru-ru Russian (Russian Federation)
columbia-lang-sv-se Swedish (Sweden)
columbia-lang-tr-tr Turkish (Turkey)
columbia-lang-zh-cn Simplified Chinese (China)
columbia-lang-zh-tw Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 

*The language body classes above only get injected on sites when said company or organization owns multiple MindTouch instances and has intentionally requested a different language set on one of their sites. 

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