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Create content branding regions

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
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This article outlines how to create content branding regions for your MindTouch pages.


How do I create content branding regions?

Part 1: Create your branding templates

Copy each of the following paths and add to the end of your site URL. Hit Enter.

  • /Template:Custom/Views/ContentHeader
  • /Template:Custom/Views/ContentFooter
  • /Template:Custom/Views/ContentSide

Part 2: Add custom content to your templates

Add your custom content to the template page and click Save.

Part 3: Style your custom content

To add your custom CSS, navigate to Control panel > Branding > Custom Site CSS and use the below CSS classes to target your specific templates:

Template name CSS class
Content Header .mt-content-header
Content Footer .mt-content-footer
Content Side .mt-content-side


This image shows an example of custom css targeting a content template target.

Part 4: View your custom content

This is what your styled content side branding region may look like:

This image shows an example of the custom content side with some basic styling.

Part 5: Continue enhancing your content branding regions

From here, continue to style and enhance your branding regions to fit your needs. Things to consider:

  • Should this branding region appear on all pages or just articles?
  • Should this branding region appear to all users or just pro members?
  • Does this branding region require conditional content or styling?

Enhancing your branding regions in these ways will require some knowledge of HTML, CSS and Dekiscript.

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