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Sometimes it just happens: users and customers mistype a URL or a page they try to access no longer exists. But when the dreaded 404 Page Not Found appears, you can ensure you won't lose to external search engines and community forums. Luckily MindTouch provides you the opportunity to relay whatever message you want to those who stumble upon a 404 page.

Benefits of customizing your 404 pages

The number one criteria by which users measure their satisfaction with a company's content is by how fast they are able to find it. is likely one of the least desirable outcomes for a user A 404 Page Not Found destination (aside from not being able to access the site at all or a page loading at a crawl). A well-customized 404 page can have the following effect:

  • Users are entertained for a spell and forget their woes of not being able to find content.
  • Users are guided to more up-to-date, even more relevant content.
  • Users are inspired to engage with some of your other web properties.
  • Users have an opportunity to consider alternative solutions.

Customize your 404 page

  1. Navigate to Site tools > Dashboard > Branding > 404 page not found template.
  2. Open the page in Edit mode.
  3. Add the information you want to include on the template. 

To add CSS, DekiScript or JavaScript, add the respective code blocks.

  1. Click Save.

Possible elements to include on your 404 pages

Here are some of the things you could include on your 404 page to ensure you keep your users happily engaged with your site and your content:

  • A humorous page with fun graphics or mascots.
  • A list of your most popular pages.
  • A link to your Twitter feed.
  • A search Touchpoint to allow users to search for alternative content.
  • A "Contact us" form to reach out for further support.   

Some examples of creative 404 pages

Below are examples of different approaches companies took to keep their customers engaged.


What's next?

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