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Content branding regions are customizable containers located above, below and to the side of your content container. Branding regions appear on every page throughout your site.

Use content branding regions for the following benefits: 

  • More flexibility with your content design
  • Easier to add and update customizations across your site

Content branding region examples

Content header

Screenshot of content header template

Content footer

Screenshot of content footer template

Content side

Screenshot of content side template

Example use cases

There are a multitude of features you can create for each of the three content branding regions. We cover a use case for each type to inspire you in your own creations. Learn how to create content branding regions.

Author bars

Configure your content header to dynamically show each article's author, avatar, and details. Please read how to create an author bar for more information on building your own.

This image shows an example author bar.

Custom site messaging

Configure your content header to show page properties or any other custom messaging based on custom parameters and variables you set.

This image shows and example of custom site messaging.

Product reviews

Leverage your product documentation for sales with reviews on your specific products.

This image shows an example of a customer review (from trust radius)

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