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Multiple Identity Provider Sign-In

If enabled, Multiple Identity Provider Sign-In allows multiple login options on one page for users to authenticate into a MindTouch site.


Use Cases

This functionality allows for a MindTouch site to display multiple ways to sign in to the site on one page. Sign-in links throughout the site as well as the sign-in flow to view private, permissioned content will redirect to this custom page, allowing for a personalized user experience.

  • Provides a custom branded sign-in page for MindTouch sites that have different types of users who authenticate with different identity providers
  • Allows users to choose which sign-in experience to use to authenticate with a MindTouch site 

Default branding

Without custom branding, the default design is a simple responsive layout with links to each configured identity provider, including the built-in local sign-in form.



Custom branding

With custom branding, the links can contain custom images or icons, titles, or messaging.



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