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Authentication session timeout

By default, MindTouch authentication sessions expire 6.5 days after a user has authenticated.

For example, if a user logs in to MindTouch on Monday morning at 9AM, then their session will timeout the following Sunday evening at 9PM.

If a Pro Member reaches the timeout period while a page is in Edit mode, the user will be logged out but any changes are auto-saved locally (in the browsing session) so the user can log back in to continue without loosing any changes.

Modify the session timeout length

The session timeout for your MindTouch site must be modified by a MindTouch Support agent. If the timeout is extended too long or too short, there can be unintended consequences. The session timeout will apply to all of your users and cannot be modified for individual users.

Requirements to modify session timeout:

  • Own a MindTouch license
  • Own a MindTouch support plan
  • Be a primary contact on your MindTouch support plan
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