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Find & Replace

Find & Replace lets Admin users bulk edit all occurrences of a word or phrase across their site.

This feature will be available to all new sites and customers on the latest Expert version.  

Key Features and Functionality

Find & Replace allows Admins to: 

  • Edit up to 20 variations of a word or phrase at once
  • Select which instances of the word to replace
  • Review changes to ensure the edits make sense
  • View pages that have not been updated
  • Undo an edit

 One Find & Replace job can be run at a time. Import/Export jobs and Find & Replace jobs cannot be run simultaneously.

Page titles, URLs, hyperlinks, DekiScript, attributes, classifications, tags, attachment file names, and page settings (except for the page summary) cannot be edited. Instances for page titles will appear in query results during the Find phase. This is to maintain healthy page functionality, SEO, and page redirects. 


Find & Replace saves time, minimizes mistakes, and improves the overall customer and agent experience.

  • Save time and effort

    • Reduce the time needed to manually search for each instance of a word, then navigate to the correct page and change the text, often thousands of times.

    • Replace all instances of a word with one click, even when editing long articles or thousands of pages.

  • Reduce errors 

    • Never miss a word because you were searching page-by-page. 

    • Review proposed changes before committing so you know what you are replacing and if the edit makes sense. 

  • Create better experiences for users 

    • Edit content to update current knowledge immediately for maximum accuracy.

    • Improve employee experience (EX) by making work easier, faster, and less prone to error.

    • Perform a Find & Replace inside the Expert application.

Use Cases

  • Rebranding
  • Changing product or company names
  • Updating language to be more inclusive
  • Directing users to a specific staff member or department

How it Works

  1. Start a job by going to Dashboard > Content Tools > Find & Replace.
  2. Choose the sections of the site you want to search, and whether you want to search page summaries, page content, or both.
  3. Enter the words or phrases you want to replace in the Find what text field, and the terms to replace them with in the Replace with field, then click the Find instances button
    F&R find screen showing the word "TV" in the "Find what" field, and the word "television" in the "Replace with" field.
  4. The system will notify you once the job is complete, and if any instances could not be replaced.
  5. You can cancel an In Progress job by clicking the Cancel button within the job progress screen.
  6. You can undo a Completed job by clicking the Attempt undo all* button on the completed job screen.

If you do not specify what to replace the query term with, no instances will be found when you click the Find instances button.


You will receive system notifications via email when:

  • Find & Replace finishes a job
  • Any instances of a word you selected were not replaced
  • Any pages you selected were not updated


Users can view and download reports of their jobs, which include:

  • Date and time
  • Words that were replaced
  • Number of instances for each word
  • Page Titles and URLs where instances appeared
  • Whether the page was updated
  • Reason (if not updated)

Admins can see all In Progress and Completed jobs, and navigate to the results page to see what words have been replaced, where, and by whom.

The report will only contain information on pages that contained instances of the words that were found, even if they didn't update them. For example, if a page had 6 instances of a word but wasn't replaced because it had a draft, that would be reported.


Because Find & Replace is literal, it does not account for changes in grammar or logic when you replace a query term.

Before you bulk edit, it is useful to make a list of the words you plan to change, and consider how they are used in normal speech and throughout your site.

We also recommend that you run Find & Replace on smaller sections of your site at a time, especially when you first start using the feature. This will allow you to identify situations unique to your specific query terms, organization, and site.

Original text Replace X with Y F&R edited text with incorrect grammar or usage Correct text
The user has a pear. pear → apple The user has a apple. The user has an apple.
The integration is set up through the Dashboard. integration → integrations The integrations is set up through the Dashboard. The integrations are set up through the Dashboard.

Using Google Chrome is recommended. 

Chrome fixtures need to be replaced to stay up to code.

Chrome → Pewter

Using Google Pewter is recommended.

Pewter fixtures need to be replaced to stay up to code.

Using Google Chrome is recommended.


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