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Problems with Post-to-MindTouch Zendesk Widget

Are you having problems with the MindTouch-Zendesk Post-to-MindTouch widget? Here are some documented problems and their solutions.

Widget displays "This widget has not been configured" warning

Posting fails

  • The Zendesk user must be a pro member to post on MindTouch site.
  • MindTouch has page restriction features. An admin might have restricted access to the path to which Zendesk posts the ticket.
  • Verify that all information provided in the "MindTouch Extension" widget on Zendesk is accurate.
  • The cookie to the MindTouch site might have expired. In that case, log in to MindTouch. The editor will load as usual and you can proceed with publishing the ticket.

Formatting of tickets is odd

  • Contact MindTouch support. Since Zendesk does not utilize rich text, the formatting in the MindTouch editor and page should be identical to that of the Zendesk ticket.

I accidentally saved a ticket before removing potentially sensitive information

  • The best solution in this case is to delete the page and start over. There is no way to permanently delete pages nor page revisions. However, only an admin can restore a deleted page.

Can I save a draft before publishing?

  • While editing, the page is autosaved every minute. There is no need to explicitly save a draft. You can simply leave the page and return to it later. However, you must take note of the page path in order to access the draft. A page will not show up in the navigation menu until it is first saved.
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